Order of the Ring

Austin Gardner’s Circle of Protection: The Order of the Ring to Society of Mentors

Order of the Ring

Austin Gardner, the former senior pastor of Vision Baptist Church, has been the subject of numerous accusations of sexual abuse and toxic behavior. As a result, Gardner has created exclusive clubs such as the Order of the Ring and the Society of Mentors to protect himself from accountability.

To join the Society of Mentors, members must give their soul and pay $1000 annually to Gardner’s organization, Alignment Ministries. The club claims to be for “proven leaders who have demonstrated faithful ministry over a long period of time,” but the criteria for membership is vague and seems to center around loyalty to Gardner and his vision.

Gardner’s close associates, such as Jeff Bush, Trent Cornwell, Robert Canfield, Jim Roberts III, Jason Holt, David Gardner, Mark Tolson, Travis Snode, Kevin Hall, Kevin White, Jeremy Hall, Chris Gardner, and Jim Roberts IV, have all been members of the Order of the Ring. This group was used to protect Gardner from accountability when the church attempted to hold him responsible for his actions.

“They have been in the fight, shoulder to shoulder with the team.”

How can anyone expect Gardner to be held accountable when he is the biggest cash cow bringing in millions of dollars to Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Mission to help pay for building projects? Then you have all these people that overlap in the Order of the Ring and Vision Baptist Missions board of directors. This shows the deep connection between Gardner and the organization he once led.

When questioned about the accusations against him, Gardner and his supporters often resort to victim blaming and character assassination. This is exemplified by the response of Ryan Crowder, Senior pastor of Philadelphia Baptist Chapel, who aligns completely with Gardner. He implied that those who call out Gardner’s behavior are the problem, rather than Gardner himself.

Gardner’s creation of exclusive clubs like the Order of the Ring and Society of Mentors, as well as the support he receives from his close associates, demonstrates a pattern of behavior that seeks to insulate him from accountability for his actions. It is up to the broader Christian community to hold him accountable and seek justice for his victims.

We also ask Kajabi to cut ties with Austin Gardner and his bizarre club, “Society of Mentors.”

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