Project Update: Vision Baptist Leaders discuss how to avoid an unbiased investigation of their toxic culture.

Uncover the truth behind the Vision Baptist Mission Board’s mishandling of sexual abuse and other serious allegations with this eye-opening video compilation and accompanying blog post. Discover the seven most alarming things revealed.

This video is a more extended, in-depth look at the conversations by Vision Baptist Mission Board Leaders about how to avoid accountability and how they were in constant communication with Austin “Jefe” Gardner to prevent an honest investigation of themselves from removing them from power.

Thank you to Dear Vision Baptist for standing up for what is right and releasing this eye-opening video.

(A compilation of uncovered Marco Polo videos from during the investigation)


  • The President of VBM – Jeff Bush
  • The Pastor of VBC – Trent Cornwell
  • The General Director of VBM – Travis Snode
  • The other Field Directors of VBM – Jason Holt, Mark Coffey, and Mark Tolson
  • The former director of the OGTC – Robert Canfield
  • The former director of Mobilization and Deputation – “Bradley”

See this website which exposes Vision Baptist corruption and coverups, including dozens of testimonies and documentation –

The seven most alarming things from this video compilation:

  1. Pastor Trent Cornwell of Vision Baptist Church of Alpharetta, GA, was a part of and aware of these discussions
  2. Jeff Bush purposefully wanted to limit the scope only to include Becky’s sexual abuse accusations and ignore the other accusations so that they would not be investigated
  3. Jeff Bush believed that if an external group, whether secular or Christian were to investigate the VBM leaders that everyone would be removed, and he did not want others to “clean house.”
  4. Jeff remained in contact with Austin Gardner “Jefe” throughout the investigation even though there were multiple outstanding allegations of abuse (sexual, child, spiritual, mental, and emotional).
  5. Travis Snode found Lee Parks Jr. as the 3rd serious option besides Eric Knight and NCLA (and not GRACE). All of the Executive Directors knew that VBM would control the investigator, the scope, the findings, and how the findings were released
  6. Mark Tolson did not want an external group to come in and “clear house.” He was glad that Travis found an investigator that VBM could control regarding the “external independent investigation.”
  7. Jason Holt did not want anyone to investigate the mission agency or the org culture

Survivors of Austin Gardner, here is the evidence of Vision Baptist’s horrific mishandling of sexual abuse and other serious allegations.

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  1. I watched this video two times to make sure I understood the context. This is sad beyond measure and it really breaks my heart since I personally know some on the VBM staff. I also know Bro. Gardner. As a pastor myself (been in the ministry for a long time now) we are to be above reproach. So, why not allow a full investigation if there is belief of innocence? Unfortunately in the ministry, pastors are “guilty until proven innocent”. I am not saying that this is right. I am stating a reality. May God comfort the “offended” and deal mercifully with the “offenders”.

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