Exposing the Cover-Up: The Truth Behind Austin Gardner’s Sexual Abuse “investigation”

In recent developments regarding sexual abuse allegations against Austin Gardner, the founder of Vision Baptist Missions in Alpharetta, Georgia, new information has come to light that sheds further light on the situation.

In a previous interview released on September 22, 2021, Becky Earnhart made allegations of sexual abuse against Gardner. These allegations were validated by at least 12 submissions on the Survivors of Austin Gardner website, from people who had first-hand knowledge or had seen evidence of the things that Becky had spoken about.

Since then, there has been an internal investigation, and Gardner has stepped away from his public position as the founder of Vision Baptist Missions. However, some missionaries have walked away from the organization, while others remain deeply supportive.

Recently, Dear Vision Baptist released an eye-opening compilation of Marco Polo videos sent amongst the Vision Baptist Mission board. The video features several Vision Baptist Mission board leaders, including the president of VBM, Jeff Bush, the pastor of Vision Baptist Church, Trent Cornwell, the General director of VBM, Travis Snode, and other field directors of VBM.

In the video, Jeff Bush can be heard purposely wanting to limit the scope only to include Becky’s sexual abuse accusations and ignore other allegations made regarding other abuse by others formerly connected to VBM. Many different missionaries and former staff have come forward with allegations of domineering personality, spiritual abuse, and more, but they did not want any of that to be covered.

It’s concerning to hear Bush express fear that if any group was to investigate VBM leaders, they would be removed, and these organizations would “clean house.” He also wanted some Independent Baptist pastors involved in the investigation because they would be okay with the “domineering personality” of Austin Gardner and not deem it spiritual abuse.

The video also reveals that Pastor Trent Cornwell was aware and involved in these discussions. It’s disappointing to hear him discuss the investigation and his dismissive tone towards the abuse allegations directed at Gardner. Cornwell is one of those guys that people know personally, and it’s jarring to hear him dismiss allegations of abuse.

We applaud Dear Vision Baptist and the Preacher Boys podcast for documenting and releasing this information. It’s alarming to see serious questions about the leadership of VBM. We will continue to follow this story and keep you updated on any new developments. Thank you for taking the time to read this post on the Survivors of Austin Gardner website.

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